Producer of high-quality goose down jackets

AM Sewing Company
Producer of high-quality goose down jackets


We are a Polish company and our sewing services are mainly addressed to clothing manufacturers from Poland and other European countries. All clothing and sewing items from our offer are manufactured in the village of Przyłęk located in South-Eastern Poland. The key advantages of our company comprise the strong commitment of our employees of any rank to what we are doing as well as our ambition to provide high-volume and luxury clothing. We apply a creative approach to each project; consequently, our products are made with passion and flair.

Our company provides comprehensive high-volume clothing sewing services. Our operations are based either on the patterns developed by ourselves or documentation and resources provided by our customers.

Our machine park includes the following automatic machines arranged according to the production process: SIRUBA, JUKI and BROTHER. The production hall has been specially designed for sewing with a pneumatic system. We also have special rooms for ironing and cutting.

We are experts in providing stitchings according to the stitching’s customer’s requirements and we specialize in the production of high-quality goose down jackets.

polska szwalnia

Anna Chodór

Anna is a clothing and textile technologist responsible for maintaining contact with customers and supervising the company’s operations. It is also her who is in charge of organizing the production process. The challenges that she professionally faces on a daily basis include coming up with new solutions and preparing an attractive array of services to meet the growing expectations of the market.

Marcin Chodór

Marcin is in charge of the administrative area of our business. His duties also include maintaining contact with customers and processing orders. Thanks to his intimate knowledge of logistics and management on the textile market, he is able to develop numerous innovative tools helping our company grow.

Our key advantages

Passionate commitment to sewing

We focus on sewing clothes with repeatable parameters, so that each piece of clothing produced corresponds to the requirements of the customers.

Complete service: idea to execution

We operate comprehensively. A photo, sketch or pattern is enough for us to get started with a project. You can rely on us to prepare a design, suggest appropriate materials and develop a structure you need. Owing to our cooperation with other companies, we can also provide you with printed designs, labels and inserts. Should you need any clothing accessories, we can take care of that, too.

Our core customers: ambitious small and large companies

We accept orders for individually tailored outerwear. Let us provide you with products that are ideally suited to your brand or style. We create exclusive and well-structured women's, men's and children's clothing. We are happy to receive orders for modern and complex clothing. As owners and management staff we have many years of experience in what we are doing.


We owe the highest quality of our products to our many years of cooperation with numerous brands. We are strongly committed to making creative, fashionable, unique and well-constructed products.



Anna Chodór
phone: + 48 535 589 344

Marcin Chodór
phone: +48 534 166 020